E3 2017 – Let’s talk about the highs and lows of the Microsoft press conference

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No press conference is perfect (something that Konami has plenty of experience with), but most of them will do their very best to wow you. After all, that’s what press conferences are supposed to do. They’re hype to the extreme, mini-festivals of the thing you love the most and they’re more than ready to leverage that passion.

E3’s press conference schedule is pretty much halfway done already. Tuesday this side in Los Angeles has just two big ones left in the form of Ubisoft and Sony’s big annual event. Nintendo has a Direct later on in the week, but that’s an entirely different beast altogether. Microsoft’s press conference was the event that everyone was looking forward to. After all, new console launches are simply the best and Microsoft’s message regarding the in-development Scorpio was simple: The most powerful console ever made.

Look, Microsoft made a smart move to come out guns blazing with the Scorpio before anymore leaks popped up on NeoGAF. It’s a great-looking device, has the aforementioned power under the hood and whatever runs on it will look damn good. It was a great announcement…but it wasn’t terrific. When I look at a press conference that has new hardware to show off, I want one thing from the event: I want my passion for it to have a boner.

Microsoft’s press conference failed to provide that visual Viagra. Sure, there may have been Dragon Ball Fighters Z, the Terry Crews simulator of Crackdown 3 and the impossibly good-looking Athena from Bioware, but I just wasn’t feeling it. The excitement of Microsoft conferences of years past just wasn’t there. I saw plenty of terrific games, but not a single game sold me on them being the definitive experience on the Xbox One X. A device which I’m still insisting on referring to as the Scorpio, as that’s still a better name in my opinion.

What about your opinion? Am I talking out of my massive behind yet again, or do you agree that Microsoft failed to step and deliver this year on the trademark excitement and flair of E3?

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Last Updated: June 12, 2017

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