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E3 2019 – Battlefield V shows off new maps, Pacific Theater coming later this year

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There’s no new Battlefield this year, but it’s not as if EA’s premiere wartime shooter is begging for a new chapter so soon after Battlefield V launched. Last year’s chapter in the long-running franchise has been growing at a steady clip, earning a diehard community and evolving with its own take on battle royale in the shape of Firestorm.

Much like previous Battlefield games, that was only a taste of the action still to come. EA and DICE have a massive full frontal assault aimed at player hearts and minds, that’ll see a ton of content rolled out in the months to come. What do the Tides of War still have in store for seasoned soldiers? A whole lot more conflict, as this latest trailer for Battlefield V is looking to forge a path forward and create a new beachhead of fun with maps that’ll create tight new challenges.

Here’s a look at one of the new maps,Marita, that’ll be available in August:

Also coming later this year? A LOT:

  • New maps set in the Pacific, including Iwo Jima
  • American and Japanese Factions are being added
  • M1 Garand rifle confirmed
  • New vehicles
  • Private games in September
  • Max rank increased to 500 from 50
  • Al Sundan and Marita in July, Lofoten Island, Provance later this year
  • Operation Underground in October
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Last Updated: June 8, 2019

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