E3 MS Press Conference Summary: Part 4

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Now if there is one thing I noticed, it was that Microsoft was doing everything in their power to target casual gamers as much as possible this year. Not only did they make a mention that 3 out of 4 games on their system was rated E or Teen, but they made a ton of announcements of products or services that would target Nintendo’s domain.

They spoke of a new Scene-It game as well as the new Viva Pinata, but then moved onto something seriously strange. Its called “You’re in the movies”, which is a strange game that has players playing EyeToy-like mini games so that it can utilise the footage to incorporate the players into a short B-movie trailer. Quite strange to be honest. Microsoft also announced a new version of Uno, called Uno Rush, which seems to be quite similar to the original, but it seems to make more use of the Avatars.

A karaoke style game called Lips was also officially shown, which not only utilises a motion sensitive microphone, but also gives you the ability to plug in your Ipod or Zune and play the game using the songs directly from there, not bad. It looks to be coming end of this year.

Last Updated: July 15, 2008

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