EA Announces Battlefield Play4Free – Details and Trailer

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No, EA aren’t just gunning for the Worst Game Title Of The Year award. As we reported last week, EA was to announce a brand new Battlefield title on Friday, and announce it they did.

Titled Battlefield Play4Free, the new game allows you to – you guessed it – play for free. While you might be thinking that they already have one of those, namely Battlefield Heroes, this new Battlefield aims to provide something for the more serious Battlefield players.

Details and trailer after the jump.

Play4Free will offer a more serious, more hardcore Battlefield experience based around Battlefield 2’s maps and systems but is said to use classes and vehicles taken from Bad Company 2. EA aren’t just in the mood to give free stuff away though, so in case you don’t already know how these types of games work, I can give you a rough idea.

Anyone can play the game for free, no problems, and offers an online experience with up to 32 players. If however you want to start getting access to more weapons and so on, you have to purchase them based on an online store. Micro-transactions is the word of the day, folks.

Also, if you were hoping to get peace of this action on your PS3 and Xbox 360, then consider yourself disappointed as, like with Heroes, it will only be available on the PC Platform.

Here’s the teaser trailer:

Source: Metro

Last Updated: November 8, 2010

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