EA: Microsoft catching up to Sony

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A year since the new generation console have launched and it seems that the first battle was won by Sony. The PS4 has been selling fast and furious, but EA’s Chief Financial Officer says that things are shifting in the market.

According to EA’s CFO, Blake Jorgensen, Sony jumped out with a lead thanks to a great pricing strategy, but Microsoft is catching up quickly.

… pricing actions that are taking place, particularly during this Christmas season, driven by Microsoft, around reduction plus a lot of bundled software, I think will continue to pull the consumer into the new consoles.

He goes on to estimate that after the holidays, the install base for the new generation consoles will be “north of 25 million”. Of course it will be interesting to see the proportion of which will be PS4 vs Xbox One, or even Wii U considering the resurgence of interest in Nintendo’s offerings.

Microsoft is continuing to drop their price for Xbox One, especially with the latest $50 drop in the US for the holidays, it has become particularly competitive. Most people can’t afford to buy both consoles, and with PS4 being cheaper for longer, it makes sense that it has been outselling the Xbox One. Now that they are on par in price, people must use another metric to make their purchasing decision, and we may all be surprised by what that is. Could the features of PS+ vs Xbox Live Gold be the tipping point, or will it be all about the controllers? Most likely, it will come down to what everyone’s friends already have – for those who want to play with each other, it’s important to all be on the same platform.

While I’m happy to hear that Xbox One is selling better than it has been, I’m really curious how the battle plays out in the long run. PS3 started the last generation behind but made a big comeback. Is it Xbox’s turn to be the comeback kid?

Last Updated: November 19, 2014

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