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EA still confident it’ll sell 13 million copies of Star Wars: Battlefront before financial year end

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Star Wars: Battlefront! It’s a beautiful game, with visuals that’ll melt your eyeballs. It’s not the deepest of games, but it’s certainly fun to play – as long as you’re not playing it expecting the sort of depth you’d get in other shooters. It’s the wading pool of the shooter genre, I suppose.

According to early reports, sales of the game haven’t been great, with the CEO of Gamestop saying that sales of big games like Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, Halo 5 and Battlefront not meeting sales expectations. With EA forecasting 13 million copies of Battlefront Sales before the end of the financial year, that sort of news can’t have been very pleasant for them.

Despite that, EA thinks they’re still on track to hit those numbers, especially with the impending release of the new Star Wars flick, The Force Awakens.

“[GameStop’s] comments were interesting and little bit of a surprise to us particularly as the CFO in the call then started to correct the COO as the call went on,” EA’s Peter Moore told investors at the Credit Suisse conference.

“So from our perspective I’m here to reaffirm our guidance of 13m units sold in for the fiscal year. There is no weakness that is perceptible yet in the title and I want everybody understand that based on where we think this title is, and based on the marketing beats ahead of us – in particular the movie launch over the next two weeks, we feel very comfortable we’re going to hit the guidance that we’ve given analysts, investors and Wall Street alike.”

I do think that the film will get people to buy the game, but I think 13 million copies within the next few months is perhaps reaching a little – unless he means old-in numbers, instead of sold through ones. The game is very likely also doing just fine if you consider digital purchases.

I just don’t see them hitting that target though, especially if you consider the number of people playing the game. Taking a gander at SWBstats, the numbers just keep dropping and dropping.

Just a week ago, the peak 24-hour numbers for each platform were 183,329 (PS4), 104,993(XB1) and 48,292 (PC) respectively. They’re now at 95,664, 55,014 and 22,290. That’s nearly a 50% drop off on consoles, and nearly a 54% drop off on PC.

Last Updated: December 3, 2015

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