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EA wants to be recognized for games, not company stigma

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Not the poo

Poor Patrick Söderlund, EVP of EA Studios. All those bad names people call EA has really been getting to them – why can’t it just be about the games? Well, that’s a question gamers and EA are asking from very difference sides of the fence.

Speaking to MCV UK, Söderlund says that EA don’t think they’re the worst company in America, but they have to consider why people are saying that. Part of moving into the next generation means looking at their policies and assessing what gamers want:

We looked at something as simple as the Online Pass. People were telling us they didn’t like that. So we weighed up the pros and cons and went ‘Ok. We will remove it.’ These decisions need to be driven by what consumers want and tell us, and that is where we may have faltered a bit in the past.

If we continue to do those types of things, then we will earn people’s trust and respect. We don’t want to be bad, we have no desire to be voted the worst company in America. On the contrary we want to be voted the best.

Söderlund went on to say that EA are bound to make mistakes, but they need to communicate and agree that it was, in fact, a mistake and try to fix it. Of course they won’t be able to please everyone, but their goal is to focus on gamers and improving their products.

I want people to recognise us for the games we make rather than anything else. Whether that is the Worst Company in America or whatever people don’t like. We need to be remembered and respected for the games we make.

The reality is that EA does make awesome games. If they were just a bad company with bad games, they probably would have disappeared into the ether a while ago. The fact is, people will buy the Sims, and when TitanFall comes that will not only sell like hotcakes, but will help to ship units of Xbox One. I’m seriously looking forward to Dragon Age: Inquisition. That doesn’t mean that I think EA are a great company – they just make great games. I still don’t like feeling like everything they do is a rip off.

Last Updated: November 28, 2013

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