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EA wants to cancel NFS series? Hey EA, I have a better idea.

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News has come in from Elecplay.com saying that they have received word that EA has cancelled future Need for Speed titles.

While we are still waiting for an official word from EA, this could be a real possibility. Lots of companies are cutting back and only the strongest franchises will take EA in the right direction. The Need for Speed franchise has been declining in sales over the past couple of years and is definitely not anywhere near the same popularity that it had in it’s golden days. The latest title, Undercover was met with mixed reviews and didn’t even manage to break the top 20 in sales.

I have a better idea and I am sure that a lot of you know what I am talking about. I know it might sound crazy to those folks at EA, but hey, it just might work.

How about… instead of raping a popular franchise six ways from Sunday by pumping out the same garbage over and over again, you actually make a good, original and fresh game instead?

I know, you must think I am crazy. A good game, instead of a rehashed but profitable (not any more) title that will bring in the dough?

You see, it’s not that people don’t like the Need for Speed series, people love it. People want to see what new and wonderful things could be created using a franchise that has had a long history and rich history that has spanned over multiple platforms, but EA isn’t giving it to us.

All over the internet, there are moans and groans about the new series that are equalled with the reminiscing of gamers over the great times that they had with the original and Hot Pursuit series.

So why not take a damn hint.

Don’t cancel the series, that would be idiotic. The Need for Speed series’ loss of popularity comes straight down to the fact that the series needs a proper and I mean proper, refresher.

Bring back the Need for Speed that we all loved because at the end of the day, it works out better for everyone. You bring out the game that we all actually want to play and we will all be willing to throw money at you to play it.

Everyone wins. Now make it happen.

Last Updated: December 15, 2008

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