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EA will decide the final fate of Anthem this week

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This month marks the two year anniversary of Anthem, EA and BioWare’s ambitious flop that was meant to be a Destiny-killer. On the surface, the game had everything going for it and some pretty nifty ideas as you stepped into your own personal Iron Man armour and spent the day turning horrible alien monsters and humanoid organisms into a fine paste with your arsenal.

Unfortunately, Anthem had very little else going for it. A beautiful mess in every sense of the word, Anthem has spent the last two years back at the drawing board while a small band of BioWare employees have begun overhauling the experience. With about 30 people working on reviving Anthem, this may be the make or break week for the game which has become a prime example of sunk cost fallacy.

According to a new Bloomberg report, EA executives will gather to see how the game is currently shaping up and decide if it’s worth throwing more resources at it or if it’s time to finally pull the plug on Anthem. BioWare apparently needs to bump the Anthem rescue team up to 90 people so that new content can be created for the game, and EA needs to decide if it’s worth investing further in Anthem or finally calling it a day.

It’s a tough decision to make, because even if Anthem shapes up there’ll be no guarantee that it’ll regain its audience and maintain it in an industry where established live service games are vying for your attention. Just look at Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Destiny 2 which not only have legions of dedicated players but also happen to be free to play.

A presumably premium-priced product looking to grab some of that pie after having served fans a bitter slice of disappointment in the past? Good luck trying to justify that expense. On the plus side, BioWare’s 2021 does look better with the upcoming release of Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Even if that remaster is in need of more butts.

Last Updated: February 9, 2021

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