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EA, Zynga and Microsoft stand up for gay rights

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If there is one civil rights movement at the moment that blows my mind it’s the current push in America, and elsewhere, to give gay men and women the right to get married and receive the same legal benefits and protection that heterosexual couples enjoy.

I struggle to believe that in 2012 we are still allowing people’s personal choices to be decided by the moral codes in religious books that they may or may not subscribe to. How is it that two men living together and wanting to be married has sweet f-all to do with anyone else?

Well it seems like I’m not alone in this mindset with EA today joining up with Microsoft, Zynga and a host of other corporations in America to challenge the DOMA (Defence Of Marriage Act) which insists that a marriage can only be between a man and a women.

While this doesn’t directly affect us here in South Africa at this time it does set a precedent with some of the most powerful and well respected companies on the planet publicly stating that it is disgusting that this sort of oppression is still practiced in the supposedly free world

In honour of our belief that homosexuality should be legal we’ve included an awesome header image for our gay (and hetero female readers)

and for everyone else


Last Updated: July 20, 2012

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