Early Preview: Red Dead Redemption Part 2

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Red Dead Redemption

In part 1 we covered the basic of Red Dead Redemption including the side missions, environment, animals and free roaming but what about the shooting, main missions and the rumoured goods that can be purchased?

We left our story after returning to Chuparosa to claim our bounty after which we headed down to the end of town only to stumble across another one of those external events you can or can’t get involved in.

We decided to hide in the bushes and put on our bandana to watch how it all pans out, a short while later the army (or local sheriff) came trotting down to resolve the issue. However we decided to resolve it our own way and pulled out our trusty 6 shooter and took out all the officers in succession.

Our mini map exploded into life with a large red circle and a bunch of new icons displaying the various bounty hunters and marshals who were on their way to take us in. At the same time a large red $25 wanted stamp appeared on the screen. Knowing what to do from our GTA days we headed for the edge of the circle to get away from our pursuers.

Once we were outside the circle the wanted stamp started to turn white from the right hand side and it quickly became apparent that this was more a wanted bar than anything and that when the red had receded completely we would be safe.

To aid in this we removed our bandana which caused the wanted sign to drop down to about 10% left and then a short while later it was completely white… however it didn’t disappear.

The idea here is that we still have a bounty on our head of $25 but they are no longer actively looking for us and seeing that it’s a small bounty it is unlikely that a standard lawman or bounty hunter would even recognise us. However if we continued to cause trouble we would be able to ramp up that bounty causing bounty hunters from all over the country to come looking for us.

Is it only me or can you smell a horde style MP experience here?

There are two ways to remove that wanted sign from over our head, we can either head on over to the local telegraph office and pay the bounty or we can get a pardon from a person in power.

We decided to go for the second and headed on over to a town that had been taken over by bandits. Outside we were met by an army officer who explained that his partner was being held captive inside and he needed our help.


Unfortunately at this point I stopped taking down notes… mainly because it was truly awesome. The gates opened and the battle started, people were popping out of windows and doors and we were taking them out with our trusty rifle or six shooter. We took out an oil lantern which then exploded onto an enemy character setting him on fire, he ran off back into the house and set two other guys on fire in the process.

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Last Updated: December 18, 2009

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