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Ed Boon’s teasing additional Story DLC for Mortal Kombat X

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The majority of fighting games today exist purely for… well, fighting. Though many titles possess a backstory somewhere behind those brutal brawls, very few flesh them out like the Mortal Kombat series has with its last 2 iterations. Mortal Kombat X’s tale may not have been as epic as 9’s, but it was good overall, at least, according to Darryn. The campaign in X has a host of unplayable characters – familiar faces that are sadly, absent in the selection screen. Could we be seeing them playable at a later stage via additional story DLC?

It’s a possibility – if this tweet from Ed Boon, the creative director of Netherrealm studio, is to be believed (via VG247).

Now granted, it only a tweet. It’s also Ed Boon however, and he has been known to share some reliable, if vague, tweets in the past.

We’ve already pointed out that some of the unplayable story characters are usable on PC – if some file tampering is undertaken. The characters work perfectly, albeit without any kombat variations. Are they going to be locked away forever, or will they be released as some sort of DLC? If it’s the latter, I fear the community response will be equivalent to all hell breaking loose, especially considering that the code for the characters exists on disc (or digitally) already.

What if they are released as part of some story DLC though? I think it would quell the negative community response somewhat; make them playable, while fleshing out their stories beyond what we saw in the campaign.

There are a host of missing characters that fans would love to get their hands on. I personally would love to have Jade back (unlikely), but there are also the likes of Kabal, Sektor, and many, many more. Their inclusion by means of additional story telling, in my opinion, would not be the worst thing. It would at least be better than hiding individual characters behind a paywall where the expected fee offers nothing more than the ability to play as them.

We are talking DLC here though, and I know that is a dangerous topic with many opinions on what is right and wrong in terms of its implementation and very existence. Would story DLC be the worst thing for MKX, or would you welcome it with open arms? What about paying for characters individually? Would you cough up, or are you happy with the existing roster in MKX?

Last Updated: April 21, 2015

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