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Today has obviously been PlayStation 4 day across the industry but this morning while I was gathering information around the PS4 I noticed a few little things that I wanted to write about.. I’m not sure why but I just needed your input into this.

It all started with me heading over to see if BTGames has a pre-order page for the PS4, they do now, but the first thing I noticed was this huge Gears of War: Judgement advertisement that appeared before the webpage appeared.


It disappears after a few seconds or you can click right past it so it’s your standard interstitial advert that has plagued dodgy sites for years but this time it actually made me happy to see it.

Not only because I’m a huge gears fan but also because it made me feel like the local industry is growing up.

Oh and talking about old ideas that used to be annoying and now look cool, check out the pop up that Megarom have added to their Starcraft registration page.. no really it actually doesn’t offend which is weird.

This sort of custom game push along with the incredible Halo 4 tournament and future planned Gears of War Tournaments and the mammoth Starcraft 2 Tournament appears to show that the local distributors are really getting to grips with offering exactly what the local hard core gamers have been clambering for.

Maybe it’s simply because now it doesn’t appear to only be Megarom pushing for events and community and that Microsoft has now joined in as well that things appear to be moving forward.

Ster-Kinekor and EA have always been excellent at putting on events in shopping centres and for casual gamers but the hard core have always appeared to be an after thought and I feel this is changing.

Am I just seeing everything through rose tinted glasses right now or do you also feel the industry is maturing locally and we are about to experience gaming the way it is meant to be experienced?

Let me know in the comments below

Last Updated: February 21, 2013

Gavin Mannion

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  • Banana Jim

    I sometimes feel like David Cage. I see huge potential in a mature videogame industry, with games that suit to every possible need… but then I’m reminded that this is a billion dollar business and all businesses tend to cater for the unwashed masses of mediocrity.

  • Admiral Chief Erwin

    I hope you are correct

  • Sir Rants-a-Lot Llew

    I agree. It does feel like it’s growing up a bit.

    Seems SA was just a little slow on the uptake 🙂

  • I think the attitude is changing. Megarom has finally woken up to digital distribution, and has realised that gamers know about Steam (and with Origin finally waking up it’ll be a huge PC factor; PSN and Xbox Live. There’s no purpose behind buying hardcopy games unless you have a slow internet connection or you like physical copies.

    It’s why, I feel, most of the large stores have also upped their game in terms of products offered. That being said, there’s still this attitude of especially hardcore gamers being difficult for no reason. When I used to buy from BT I’d often get flack for my opinions on certain games or get they eye roll for not liking CoD.

    Retailers have to realise that their industry is in trouble. Look at how the US Gamestop has reviewed it’s customer model. They’ve realised that they contribute to gaming culture, as much as an internet forum, by giving gamers a place to show their like or dislike for a product.

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