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EGM's refusal to review MGS4: Explained

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You may remember that we posted up an article about EGM refusing to give MGS4 a review because they did not agree with some of the conditions and restrictions set by Konami. The entire story exploded on the internet, with different opinions and viewpoints popping up on nearly every gaming news site imaginable.

Now that June 11 has come and gone, the non-disclosure agreement signed by Jeremy Parish from 1UP no longer restricts him from talking about the game. He has taken time on his blog to address the issue of the incident involving EGM and the MGS4 review.

Now that the truth is out, you may find that this whole ordeal is not nearly as exciting as you may have originally thought. To start clarifying the situation, he lays down some factual statements:

  1. We aren’t boycotting the game. EGM will be reviewing MGS4 in the next issue.
  2. Konami is not a bunch of evil Nazi monsters.
  3. EGM wasn’t grandstanding to draw attention to itself.

It is quite interesting to hear the real story behind everything and to also realise how fast news travels on the internet regardless of whether or not it’s entirely true. Parish goes on to explain all the details of what happened and the frustrations they experienced when news was flying around that they were boycotting Konami and MGS 4, saying “There’s definitely been some frustration on our end (and likely on Konami’s, once the Internet started to leap to conclusions), but we’re all grown-ups and have learned a lesson or two, sitcom-style.”

It seems that a lot of this whole mess came down to a printing issue, believe it or not. Check his blog and see for yourself.

source: Jeremy’s 1UP Blog [Thanks PuppyStuffer for the tip]

Last Updated: June 12, 2008

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