Elite: Dangerous docking on Mac, beta in progress

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Elite: Dangerous is like an interplanetary, extremely beautiful space trucker sim. You fly from planet to planet, avoiding stars, asteroids and space pirates in equal measure as you trade anything from minerals to human slaves. It’s a niche but interesting experience that’s been exclusive to PC for sometime now. That’s changing very soon for all you Apple folk out there.

Frontier Developments has announced that a Mac version of their kickstarted sequel is out now, and available to anyone who participated in the Alpha or Beta phases of testing last year. If you have a powerful enough Mac (or some nuclear powered Macbook Pro), you can look forward to the retail launch fairly soon – although there is no exact date as of yet.

Elite: Dangerous is a gorgeous game, and unsurprisingly requires a fair amount of juice in the tank to start hitting light speed travel. It runs super smoothly on my desktop, but I can’t imagine anything other than the main menu loading on my Macbook Pro. In fact, I think if I had to try, the entire thing might just turn into a fiery mass of gas and heat – similar to the suns I occasionally accidentally fly into when I’m not paying attention in-game.

Regardless, if you have a powerful Mac lying around and haven’t had a chance to jump in yet, this is your lucky day. So that makes all seven of you, right?

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Last Updated: April 2, 2015

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