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Elite Dangerous: Odyssey will let you finally get out your ship and explore on foot

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Before all you children were spending your hours messing around in No Man’s Sky, us old folks were doing the same thing but with fewer pastel colours in Elite: Dangerous. With its expansive recreation of the Milky Way galaxy, a robust and dynamic universe populated by other players, AI factions and plenty of time to cruise through space on a delivery route while listening to a podcast, Elite: Dangerous is a great time if you’re looking to either relax or be an absolute terror and raiding other players. You dirty pirate.

Elite is known for being the space-faring franchise that’s all about being inside of your own starship, never really venturing beyond the cockpit like those that have iterated on the formula. Yet that’s all about to change with the game’s latest expansion.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey will for the first time allow players to disembark from their ship and explore planets on foot, a huge addition to the game. Alongside this new mode of adventuring, first-person shooter combat has even been added which means that your action doesn’t need to solely take place as dogfights amongst the stars. Odyssey will also be doubling down on the social elements of the game, introducing hubs for Commanders to hang out together and form alliances with one another so as to take on more challenging quests or just cruise through the galaxy together, like the dream Cowboy Bebop scenario.


While we haven’t really seen much of what Odyssey is bringing to the table in terms of content, it’s difficult for me to not see the expansion as a response to Star Citizen and the development hell it doesn’t seem to want to break out of. Perhaps Odyssey could draw in players craving that Star Citizen experience but settling on the fact that the game is never going to truly release. Whatever the reasoning behind the drastic new additions to Elite Dangerous, I’m incredibly excited to leap back into it when the expansion drops early next year.

Last Updated: June 4, 2020

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