Ellen Page isn’t happy with The Last Of Us

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So how’s everyone doing this fine Monday morning? You’ve all got smiles on your faces by the looks of things, having had a weekend to play The Last of Us. Hell, poor Zoe is still a drooling wreck, even more than usual, and she now screams whenever she enters the mushroom section of a supermarket before throwing molotov cocktails everywhere. That game has made a ton of folks happy. Except for actress Ellen Page, who isn’t too thrilled about her likeness being ripped off.

While Page is appearing in a different game game later this year on the Playstation 3, Beyond: Two Souls, she’s had zero involvement with The Last of Us. Speaking on a Reddit AMA via VG247, Page was quizzed about that apocalyptic game, having the following to say:

I guess I should be flattered that they ripped off my likeness, but I am actually acting in a video game called Beyond Two Souls, so it was not appreciated.

There’s no getting beyond the heart of the matter here, as Ellie from The Last of Us does bear quite a resemblance to the young actress. Here’s the initial design of Ellie, before she got gritted up:


Naughty Dog creative director Neil Druckmann responded via Kotaku, asking folks to rather give Ellie’s voice and motion capture artist Ashley Johnson some well-earned kudos instead.


Fair point, both sides. While the character does bear a resemblance, Ashley Johnson is the heart and soul of Ellie, making the role something special and memorable. And I’m down with that.

Last Updated: June 24, 2013

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