Energy eSports lands awesome new sponsorships

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Energy eSports has been doing well, getting a lot of attention in the gaming community. They were already sponsored by Monster Energy (fitting considering their name) and SteelSeries. Now, Proline, AMD and IS Gaming are joining in.

According to Alan Spohr, Marketing and PR Manager for Energy eSports:

We are very excited to have new sponsors of this calibre on board with Energy eSports. Energy is set to receive high-end Gaming Rigs from Proline. Powered by AMD Technology, and quality broadband from IS Gaming who are a division of Internet Solutions. It allows us to use premium and Reliable Machines and bandwidth to compete in all competitions. With the majority of our team still in University or School, it will give the players an added sense of freedom and flexibility to pursue gaming further, train and compete on a professional level without any concerns, also helping us as a team to reach new heights within the gaming community. It’s an honour to be sponsored in general, but a completely new level to be sponsored by such highly rated companies.

This is pretty exciting news. As these teams get more and more sponsorships, we should be able to see them devote more time and energy to the eSports. Once people can support themselves as eSports athletes, the caliber of players will greatly improve and we will be better equipped to compete on the world stage. Congrats to the guys at Energy eSports – I hope this is a sign of some awesome things to come!

Last Updated: October 4, 2013

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