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eSports Spotlight: Super Serial Gamers

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SSG is a well known clan tag in the Battlefield Community; five years of competing in various titles of the franchise has made sure of that.

The clan was founded and is continuously built on friendship, giving it a different flavour than many competitive clans these days. SSG will be setting their sights on a whole new line up of titles in the future, branching out from their Battlefield-only clan to games such as Guild Wars 2, CS: GO and Quake live.

Evidently our local eSports wiki is turning out to be a great help to the community in gathering and saving information. Check out SSG’s complete wiki profile here.

We’ve caught up with clan leader Vaughan “TheVovo” Robey to chat about the Do Gaming Champs at rAge this year and some future plans.

Vaughan “TheVovo” Robey

 You started the clan in 2007, how have you managed to keep it alive up to now?

With a little help from my friends! No seriously though. It would never have gotten this far if there weren’t a bunch of people working together. That is the other thing that got us to where we are. The clan started as a group of friends who wanted to get into gaming at a level above that of public server play. That attitude has remained with us.

It has served to attract like minded people and that essence has grown and remained over the years. It’s a nice place to be, think everyone in the clan will agree.

You will have teams compete at the Do Gaming Championships held at rAge this year? What are these teams doing to prepare for the event?

For the most part its where to stay, how to get there. Once that is all sorted out, it’s finalising or tweaking strategies and ideas for the finals at rAge. We’ve been playing BF3 the whole year now, so the foundation is there. Go out, do the best you can do, and put some faces to the names. The other big part is what to wear at rAge with our new hoodies 😛

SSG will compete in a new genre this year, the MMO PvP genre. Tell us more about how you will be competing in Guild Wars 2 PvP.

Once rAge is complete, members of SSG can partake in other genres besides BF3. A 5 man team(s) will be created and should be practicing at least three times a week in pick-ups or player run tournaments. The game is still very new but with every official tournament (more likely international than local) in the future you can be assured, SSG will have a team representing.

How much work goes into managing a big clan like SSG?

We’ve recently expanded to a number of new games. So the management has increased quite a bit. Still haven’t got a proper grip on it quite yet, but the focus right now is rAge. After that I can focus more on what the clan. There are quite a few able bodies around ready to take hold of a section and run it.

What are the future plans for SSG?

For me personally the future plan is enrichment. We’ve been around for a while now, built up (not that we’re done building) a platform for ourselves. I feel that its time to grow people within the clan. Teaching skills to our own members, and then branching out. We’ve never turned anybody away that has asked us for help, we’re building to a stage where we can more readily offer our experience and knowledge to those newer to the competitive gaming scene.

SSG Website | IRC: #ssg on Shadowfire | eSports Wiki

Last Updated: September 26, 2012

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