EU investigating HD-DVD and Blu-Ray

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In yet another twist in the Blu-Ray / HD-DVD war the EU has now sent of a bunch of legal letters to all  the studios requesting information and copies of all their correspondence in choosing Blu-Ray over HD-DVD.

It seems that the HD-DVD camp has complained to the EU over illegal business practices and the EU has taken notice.

We have all seen how the EU loves to hand out fines to dominant companies like Microsoft and are generally seen as sticklers for the rules. Could they force the Blu-Ray exclusive studios to launch on HD-DVD as well?

I doubt the studios will put up much of a fight as they don’t care either way who wins in the end as long as we buy their movies.

If all the studios began distributing the movies on both formats could that turn the tide in HD-DVD’s favour? Being cheaper and having all the movies plus downloadable content…. All the Blu-Ray would be left with is a greater storage size. However the triple layer HD-DVD’s are rumoured so you can fit 52 gigs on a HD-DVD and only 50 on a Blu-Ray…. so what does Blu-Ray have now?

It all depends on which side of the fence you are sitting I guess… Me I’m enjoying the fence itself at the moment. I’ll choose a side when I see a clear winner.

Source: Europe Steps Up Probe of New DVD Formats –

Last Updated: July 3, 2007

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