Even more next Xbox rumours

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have-you-heard1I’m actually a lit bit disappointed that Microsoft are hosting that big Xbox event on the 21st of May as these rumours are actually awesome to wake up to in the morning. This latest set contains nothing spectacular but they all seem very plausible indeed.

Always Online

Geoff mentioned this yesterday but we can’t talk about the Next Xbox without covering this.

The scariest rumour for the next Xbox is the fact that it will require an always online connection. This rumour has been confirmed and refuted just as many times but this latest update from Polygon makes the most sense and I can’t see how this one could be wrong.

The next Xbox will apparently support the publishers ability to request an always on connection, or even a random online check. Microsoft are not saying it must be used by the publishers but are building in the ability to use it… So yes it’s confirmed if the publisher insists on it.

Video Capture

We’ve already heard that both the PlayStation 4 and the next Xbox will allow us to capture gameplay and upload it to YouTube or the like but the next Xbox is taking it one step further.

They are allowing the developers to automatically capture video at certain points, say for example every headshot in a game of Call of Duty or every crash in a game of Trials HD.. then at the end you can automatically export your headshot montage and make yourself look awesome.


Achievements are also getting a huge boost with Microsoft opening up the system to allow developers to add achievements without the need for more DLC.

Originally Microsoft wanted to enforce a 1000 point limit on all games, they later agreed that developers could add a couple of extra achievements with DLC but now the rumour is that developers will be able to add new achievements to celebrate events (anniversary gamer) or to push gamers to try a specific section of the game.

I’m not much of an achievement person, I only have around 24 000 after 5 years, but I have to admit I do look at them and see if I want to try achieve them in game. So if I can get an achievement for playing 8 hours of Battlefield 3 on their one year anniversary I think I would do it.

No More Friend Cap

Finally, the idiotic 100 person friend limit is being exterminated… about bloody time


There will also apparently be a lot of social aspects added to the system but I really really don’t think I’m going to care about that. Show me the games.

So is that enough to impress from a soft feature perspective or is the always on still a problem for you?

Last Updated: April 30, 2013

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