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Even the creator of Leisure Suit Larry can’t stand DRM

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Digital Rights Management happens to be one of the biggest pains in the ass of PC Gaming, an authentication requirement that has fewer supporters than the PAC. More and more game developers are voicing their frustration with the anti-piracy measure, with the Witcher developer CDP being a notable voice of dissent, with the creator of Leisure Suit Larry now tossing his hat into the ring, voicing his hatred of the system that has been burning since 1982.

With the ol’ lounge lizard once again preparing to flex his lack of social etiquette while trying to score, usually with disastrous consequences in an upcoming remake, Kotaku spoke to Al Lowe pesky DRM, a topic on which he had something to say, ever since it was introduced back in the eighties;

I refuse to buy products that have DRM. Ya know I’d rather pay for a CD and rip it than download protected music. To me it’s just misguided and it has been misguided since my first involvement with it in 1982. It never was protected from those people who wanted to break it.

It was always breakable. All it did was hassle people who paid for the product. And those are the people that you want to be nice to! Be nice to the people who pay and ignore the pirates, because they do what they’re gonna do anyway.

The original game was pirated to polyester hell and back, in the numerous years since its release, with a crafty quiz being used to keep underage pirates from accessing the blocky breasts within, something which I struggled with for months when I found the game hidden away on my old 486 PC.

Except now, as Geoff informed me this morning, I could have been witness to humping black bars much sooner, had I just pushed ALT and X together. With the remake on the way though, the latest Leisure Suit Larry will most likely be pirated once again, to which Lowe had the following message for future pirates:

You Suck!

Last Updated: July 2, 2012

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