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Every YouTube video, regardless of non-monetisation options, will have ads by next year

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Want to watch a video on YouTube for free? Technically you can do that, but the asterisk at the end of that statement is that to do so you’ll need to sit through an advert first. That’s all well and fine, but for those channels that pride themselves on not subjecting their subscribers to a mandatory pre-roll advert of inspid content like influencers reacting to sanitary pads? Things are about to change.

YouTube recently updated its terms of service, and buried beneath the mountain of legalese was this point: “Ads can now appear on videos from channels not in the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), and we will begin gradually placing ads on brand safe videos.”

Basically that means that if you upload content to YouTube, it will have advertising. End of story. Unless your content is disgusting and unsafe for human minds, you terrible person you. It’s unclear if these new terms of service will affect unlisted videos as well, but for those creators who prefer to rely on payment platforms such as Patreon to help produce their videos in exchange for not monetising their content on YouTube, this is going to take power away from them.

“This is part of our ongoing investments in new solutions, like Home Feed ads, that help advertisers responsibly tap into the full scale of YouTube to connect with their audiences and grow their businesses,” the update reads. These changes are currently being implemented in the US, and by the middle of 2021 they’ll roll out worldwide.

YouTube has been pretty aggressive with advertising its premium subscription offerings, whose primary draw is the ability to watch YouTube content without ads playing every 17 seconds. Bombarding its audience base with an increased frequency in advertising while knowing that there’s very little game in town to oppose it, may be YouTube’s ballsiest move yet.

Last Updated: November 24, 2020

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