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Everyone killed the civilians in the airport

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I feel like I am on of the few people around who felt that the airport scene in Modern Warfare 2 was unnecessary and devalued the game somewhat.

If you don’t know what the airport scene is then I wouldn’t recommend clicking through and reading the rest of this story though I have a feeling the headline may have ruined it for you already.

Now don’t get me wrong I enjoyed killing the civilians just as much as the next guy but it all felt a little to canned for my liking, the idea was really good but the execution missed the mark.

Oh wait are trying to say that you didn’t kill the civilians in the airport? Well that would put you in the minority then.

According to Jesse Stern, MW2 and NCIS scriptwriter, every single one of the testers opened fire in the airport after expressing anger, sadness or disgust because apparently it’s human nature to slaughter civilians.

What I found really interesting is that there were 3 separate ways to complete that stage, you could either join in with the terrorists and shoot the civilians, else you could hang back and not shoot. Or you could turn your weapons on your fellow terrorists.. I have to be honest and say that I never thought of that last option, it seems so simple now that he says it though.

But don’t feel bad, if you attacked your fellow terrorists they would turn and kill you and you would have to do it all over again…

Read the entire interview with Jesse Stern through the link below.

Source: Gamepro

Last Updated: November 20, 2009

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