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Everything that you might have missed in the Batman: Arkham Knight trailer

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Arkham Knight (6)

A new Batman trailer hit yesterday, and even though it was billed as a gameplay trailer, it was really more of a highlight reel. But that’s fine. Because thanks to modern technology, we can pore over every single detail of that trailer and make wild guesses as to what we’re seeing. Or we could let someone else do it. And I’m just that kind of somebody else that Gotham deserves.

BatAK (1)

You only got a taste of Gotham City in Arkham City and Arkham Origins. And ever since the initial reveal, Rocksteady has been teasing a much larger stomping ground for the Dark Knight, complete with wider roads and an underground system.

BatAK (2)

And damn, they were not joking. If the cinematic doesn’t lie, then it looks like Gotham is going to give Metropolis a run for its money in the real estate department.

BatAK (3)

Here’s your first look at Scarecrow, who was last seen wondering if a combination of fear juice and Gotham Bay water would wash out of his costume. Evidently not.

BatAK (4)

I think Freddy Krueger gon’ sue somebody. Close-up of the newer, leaner syringe gauntlet that Scarecrow now sports.

BatAK (5)


BatAK (6)

I’m loving the new Batsuit so far. Armoured like the one in Arkham Origins, but not overly so.  Maximum mobility and a perfect fusion of Stark And Wayne Industries technology.

BatAK (7)

Oh my word, those gauntlets. I do not want to be on the receiving end of that Bat-klap.

BatAK (8)

And let’s not forget the new chest. Some folks wonder why it splits up and moves around like that, but as the kind of guy who has worn a batsuit in real life that made it impossible for me to even lift a bottle of water to my face, I can tell you that this is the kind of armour that would make a difference in a real world situation.

BatAK (9)

When the cops are away, the gangs will come out to play.

BatAK (10)

They may have been enemies and rival gang-lords in Arkham City, but it looks like Penguin and Two-Face have hatched an alliance of sorts for Arkham Knight.

BatAK (11)

Did I mention that I love the new Batsuit for Arkham Knight yet? Because I really, really do.

BatAK (12)

The Batmobile may be the biggest new addition to the game, but don’t rule out the trademark glide of the caped crusader yet. Rocksteady has already detailed previously that this form of exploration will also be augmented and improved upon, allowing for smoother movement and tighter cornering in the air.

BatAK (13)

BatAK (14)

BatAK (15)

Speaking of the Batmobile, it can be called to your position from anywhere in Gotham City. And even though Zack Snyder just unveiled a new Batmobile for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, this might be my favourite incarnation so far.

BatAK (16)

Car porn folks. Lots and lots of it.

BatAK (17)

BatAK (18)

BatAK (19)

BatAK (20)

Another new district to explore in Gotham City: Chinatown. For the vigilante who needs quick carbs on the go. This specific shot however, is eerily familiar to another Batmobile shot, from the 1995 film Batman Forever.

BatAK (21)

We saw her as a pre-Batgirl in Arkham Origins, and now the disembodied voice of Barbara Gordon AKA Oracle, is finally making an appearance in the next game. Expect a visit to her base of operations, the Gotham clock tower.

BatAK (22)

But does it come in explosion-proof black?

BatAK (23)

Damn, that station wagon was one week away from being paid off.

BatAK (24)

Here’s your first look at a new goon in the game. Besides your regular gangsters operating under the command of the Penguin and Two-Face, it looks like Arkham Knight himself will have a crew to shove face-first into a circuit-breaker box.

BatAK (25)

It wouldn’t be a Batman game without a remote control Batarang or two. If you happen to own an Arkham game, and have never done it, try throwing one and then aiming it at Batman. You’ll get a cool little Easter egg.

BatAK (26)

Good ol’ police commish Jim Gordon. It looks like he’ll be on the ground trying to reclaim Gotham from the Scarecrow.

BatAK (27)

And this is what happens when you let Jeremy Clarkson take the Batmobile for a spin. POOOOWER!

BatAK (28)

I love how the Batmobile is actually pretty stealthy for its size, but the cockpit is lit up when Batman is inside because he wants criminal scum to know who just ran over them.

BatAK (29)

How fast do you think you went around our track?

BatAK (30)

Need to stop driving and stretch your cape? Then prepare to eject your bat-ass skywards in Arkham Knight.

BatAK (32)

Another fight with the Arkham Knight goons, who are decked out in similar camouflage to their leader and packing plenty of heat. Expect them to present more of a challenge, similar to the TYGER guards from Arkham City.

BatAK (33)

And yes, the Batmobile can run over gravity, reverse over it, run it over again and spit on its corpse. Expect underground levels such as this, when you encounter the Riddler.

BatAK (34)

The Batmobile has rockets. I know what I want for Christmas now.

BatAK (35)


BatAK (36)

One of the cooler additions in Arkham City was working your way through a fight, and leaving only one man standing in order to intimidate some information out of him. Looks like that feature is back as well.

BatAK (38)

Well that’s a face for radio.

BatAK (39)

And here’s your first look at the Arkham Knight in action.

BatAK (40)

Damn, he’s pretty good if he can get the drop on the Bat. The full game is out in October on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Last Updated: May 22, 2014

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