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Everything you ever needed to know about the PlayStation Vita

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My PSP died this weekend. One of the kids was playing some Naruto rubbish on it and it just kinda…faded to black. It’s a Japanese launch unit from all the way back in 2004, so it’s served me pretty well – but I’m taking it as a sign from the gaming gods that I really, really need a PlayStation Vita – even though I won’t be able to play my PSP games on one without shelling out full price for digital copies.

If you weren’t planning on getting one, perhaps this video straight from the horse’s mouth might change your mind.

In a twelve-minute-long video posted to the US PS Blog, senior VP of PlayStation Brand Marketing, Guy Longworth and senior director of PlayStation Handhelds, John Koller discuss the system’s launch games, how the system works, cross-system play, its new input mechanisms, social media, built in applications and just about everything else you might want to know. Mostly, as I’ve said before, I’ll be using the thing as a Lumines player (just like I did with the PSP!) but there’s a tempting array of interesting games coming, not least of which is the rather incredible looking Uncharted: Golden Abyss.

Oh, and that HTML-5 enabled browser looks pretty snazzy, and apparently runs all those…*cough* adult websites *cough* quite well.

The question is…are you getting one? If you’re planning on it, you might want to hurry up; with a local launch in just over a week’s time, the sleek and sexy handheld is already selling out.

Last Updated: February 13, 2012

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