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Evil Genius 101: Oi! HD-DVD, listen up or Die!

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Doobiwan has kindly given me permission to reproduce his ramblings wonderful thoughts on the Blu-Ray – HD-DVD war.

So the writing is on the wall for the beleaguered Toshiba and it’s HD-DVD allies. The Warner move was a bitter pill and it is most likely going to be the end of them unless they pull a seriously ‘leet Ninja Rabbit out of a hat. While I abhorr dragging out this “format war”, and will be happy just to see it over, I really would prefer the format that puts control in the consumers hands win over the corporate rights abuse machine that is Blu-Ray.

We’ve already established my evil genius credentials, so these companies need to listen exclusively to me for all their DIY take-over-the-world needs, preferably showering me with moola in appreciation. Failing that, just replying to my emails would be nice. So needless to say this is my open email to the HD-DVD consortium, because your customer Service department sure doesn’t want to hear how to save their jobs.

The idea’s actually a really simple one, which is why I’m dragging this out with copious amounts of filler, and as I said, something I tried to recommend way back before you found yourself in a life threatening position. It’s also a pretty obvious one and stems from a pretty simple need that’s particularly apparent to me as a young parent far from family.

You want to set the world alight? Even without all the biggest and best releases? Without having to drop your prices to fire sale levels? Easy. A Ninja rabbit, in 3 words:

Zero day releases

In other words, release HD-DVDs on the same day as the theatrical release comes out on circuit. Charge a fortune for it – $40? $50? It’ll still sell bucketloads, and I promise it won’t impact theatre revenues.
Let me explain by use of stereotypes:

1. Me
Before we had kids, my wife and I would watch movies almost every week, sometimes twice a week, but we have no access to babysitters where we are which means now we only get to see movies 3-4 months after release on DVD. This way we get to see the movies while the hype is high and before every dimwit on the internet spoils everything for us. (Alternatively reads: before we figure out how rubbish the movies really are …)

2. My Single Yuppie Friends
Spending all their future kids educational funds on toys and gadgets like 50″ LCD TV’s and 7.1 Surround sound systems, why should these folks have to go hang with the plebs in a dirty old cinema, have to listen to some 12 year old gabbing away on a mobile, when their home kit makes Cinema Prive look like hobospot. They obviously have the money and I’m sure would prefer to watch the movie in their own private luxury… that’s why it’s called home theatre …
The fact is neither are core movie going demographic either, so actual attendance won’t diminish either.

It’s a bold move and one the likes of your which your opposition would be highly unlikely to try because they’re comfortable where they are.
One of the big wins, possibly the most important actually, is that this isn’t just about pixels. It’s gives people who are otherwise totally happy with plain old DVD, and their clunky old SDTVs a much more compelling reason to move to HD-DVD than just “better resolution”.

There you have it, now Go! Fight! Win!

Reproduced with permission from GamerZA

Last Updated: January 31, 2008

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