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Evolve Wraith

I am so wary of pre-order bonuses. I know that publishers want people to pre-order games so that they are guaranteed a certain number of day- one players and a massive income. However, considering the trend of broken games in 2014, I’m a bit afraid. Evolve is sweetening the deal on their pre-order, but will it win you over?

The original pre-order bonus was the Monster Expansion Pack. That included:

  • New Monster Character Free (once it’s available)
  • Savage Goliath Skin

Definitely cool to get the new monster free once it is available, regardless of what it is. But now there is even more if you pre-purchase before or during the Xbox One Open Beta:

If you pre-purchase Evolve on Xbox One before or during the Xbox One Open Beta, you get exclusive instant access to Wraith, Parnell, Abe, Caira, and Cabot during the entire beta. Better yet, pre-purchasing on Xbox One guarantees that these characters are instantly unlocked when you pick up the final game which launches on February 10th.

Okay, so you can play with more of the cool characters during the Beta, and you have them unlocked when the game ships instead of needing to unlock them through gameplay. That’s pretty cool – I adored playing with Wraith and I’d love to be able to skip ahead to using her instead of clocking hours with Goliath and Kraken. Then again, Goliath and Kraken are also pretty awesome.

I’m confident in the gameplay that Evolve offers. I’ve played a bunch of the game and the builds are really stable. However, we know nothing about the match-making and lobbies, nor do we know how well the game will work locally. The Alpha was a massive flop in South Africa – we weren’t supposed to be in it and those who managed to get in had horrible experiences with wait times and lag. We still haven’t gotten answers about LAN support, and I’m just not sure how great Evolve will be at launch depending on these issues. I’d happily play it offline and alone, but it really is built for multiplayer – if that part doesn’t work locally, it probably won’t be a worthwhile purchase for many people.

While the pre-order bonuses sound cool, I’m wary of our local situation. I definitely need to own it and play with everyone, but I’m just not sure how great it will be at launch.

Last Updated: January 12, 2015

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