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Exclusive Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screenshots

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Say what you will, but Final Fantasy XIII was too damned linear. Thanks to what Square calls a “story-driven” progression, Final Fantasy XIII was a good game with an excellent battle system, instead of a great game. The game’s director and scenario designer, Motomu Toriyama admits that, and has ensured gamers that its direct sequel, 2012’s Final Fantasy XIII-2 will fix that, by being more “player-driven.” It means actual towns, more exploration and best of all? A refined, evolved version of the best thing about XIII, the very clever “Paradigm Shift” battle system.

That’s how the game is shaping up with regards to dynamics. How’s it looking? We have a choice selection of screenshots for your viewing pleasure.



“Lightning – Serah finds the knife she gave her sister for her birthday. Why is it out here? What happened to Lightning?”


“Melee weapons – Close in on the enemy and strike when they’re in arm’s reach.”


“Bows and arrows -Attack the enemy from a safe distance using projectiles.”


“Yaschas Massif -Intimidating mountains tower over the harsh plains and tall vegetation, adding to the ominous atmosphere of this land found in the southern region of Gran Pulse.”


“A short walk through the treacherous valley leads to the Paddra ruins—the remains of what used to be one of the largest and most prosperous cities on Pulse. As with the Bresha ruins, the area is filled with scientists and soldiers sent to investigate the location.”

Last Updated: August 22, 2011

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