Ex–Darksiders dev’s new game certainly looks a lot like Battle Chasers

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Battle chasers

If there’s one franchise that I adored in the previous generation of games, it had to be Darksiders. Sure, it was highly derivative of other games (COUGH LEGEND OF ZELDA COUGH!), but hot damn was it fun. And it was also visually distinct, thanks to comic book artist Joe Madureira handling lead art duties on the game. Darksiders developer Vigil Games went on to create a sequel before their parent company THQ folded due to bankruptcy, taking any chance of a big second sequel with them. But the spirit may live on, in the next game from Joe Mad and his new studio, Airship Syndicate.

Formed last year, Airship Syndicate looks ready to unleash its first game tomorrow, as they revealed their first teaser image:


Which looks a helluva lot like an old comic book project that Madureira worked on, over a decade ago. Called Battle Chasers, the comic was set in an alternate universe where magic and steampunk tech had combined to create a weird and dangerous world. Starring several characters such as the mournful swordsman Garrison, the wise wizard Knolan, a gigantic war golem known as Calibretto and the lady warrior Red Monika (

And that image above, looks a lot like Garrison and his signature blade.


A proper reveal is coming tomorrow, so take my guess with a pinch of salt. Because if a Darksiders-inspired MOBA is announced, I will be crying for the rest of the weekend.

Last Updated: February 26, 2015