Explosions made pretty in Sunset Overdrive

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Sunset Electric Slide

I’m really looking forward to Sunset Overdrive next month. I’ve been hooked by the game ever since its reveal, but since then I’ve started to question how its ridiculous fun factor will hold up over a few hours. But that’s an question for another day. Today is all about how colourful and gorgeous Sunset Overdrive can be.

Unsurprisingly, it’s pretty damn stunning. Not everyone is a fan of stylisation over realism, but I’m all for art over replication. Stylised games offer a lot more artistic flair than trying to bring a world to life in a way we’ve already seen it. It’s one of the reason why I loved BioShock: Infinite, and it’s definitely one of the reasons why Sunset Overdrive has me so hooked.

I’m also really happy that Insomniac has started showing off some environmental diversity as well. For a while all of Sunset Overdrive’s videos featured the same, carnival-styled area, which quickly got old to look at. Seeing teddy bear TNT destruction at night is glorious, topped only by the look of some of the other characters you’ll run into.

I also really want to know what gun is shooting all that gooey blue electricity. That seems like something I’d rock daily. Sunset Overdrive launches exclusively on Xbox One come October 28th.

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Last Updated: September 30, 2014

Alessandro Barbosa

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  • Fnuik

    I hate that I have to open each pic separately and then go back to view the next one. Miss having the option of just clicking next

    • Jonah Cash

      This…. a thousand times this!!!

      • Sageville

        This…. maybe not a thousand times, at least 12 times

        • Mossel

          …times a thousand.

    • Admiral Chief 0

      Let me find out for you if that is possible

      • Fnuik

        Much appreciated

        • Admiral Chief 0

          Apparently it is, working on a fix since Darryn broke it with his Mankini pictures

    • XCamed5153

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  • Hammersteyn

    Reviews for this will be interesting

  • Sageville

    Is this available on Master Race?

    • Admiral Chief 0

      Nopey nope

    • Rock789

      Bone only, sadly. These devs clearly like putting their eggs in 1 basket – last gen they developed for PS3 only and now they’ve jumped ship to develop for Bone only… Interesting. The Resistance games were really good, so on that alone this game has me curious.

  • Mossel

    This game reminds me a lot of Loadout! Looks awesomely fun though!

    • Admiral Chief 0

      When last did you play?

      • Mossel

        Eons ago! Apparently they have a campaign mode now!

        • Admiral Chief 0

          What? Wow!

  • Guest

    ? to the power of ?

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