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F1 Race Stars first impressions

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I’m quite a big F1 fan, not a rabbid one who can tell you all about the engines and downforce or any of that, but rather more a big casual fan who enjoys watching the first corner mayhem at Spa and the insane overtaking manoeuvres that team mates pull on each other. I’ve already said I love the real F1 game from Codemasters but what about their family fun title?

Well while I was wandering around the show floor at Gamescom I came across the F1 Race Stars booth and decided to give it a quick go.

You’ll realise straight away that this is a ridiculous over the top title and not really a racing title at all. You are in a weird mutation of a race car with all the main F1 racing stars designed in an over the top comic book fashion.

You race around tracks that are distinctly not F1 styled and feature ramps, spirals, vertical climbs, other cars and obstacles and you pick up boosters and weapons that have been left lying around the track.

In essence you are playing Mario Kart with F1 racers instead of Nintendo characters and to be honest it all left me feeling a little flat.

The game looks awesome with it’s bright colour scheme and wacky tracks but it just comes across feeling like a bit of a cash in on the F1 name.

I’m hoping my mind will change with some more hands on time but right now I’d rather stick to the real F1 title.

Last Updated: September 3, 2012

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