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Fable 2 Pub Games Glitch was Intentional?

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I am sure that almost every person that bought the Fable 2 Pub Games has used the money glitch.

The glitch basically allowed players to increase their bets by big amounts just by pressing certain buttons at the correct times. This means that players have managed to accumulate millions of gold coins which will they will then be able to carry forward into Fable 2.

Peter Molyneux has now revealed that the glitch was intentional and that the players who used it are in for a surprise when they play Fable 2.

The likelihood is that you will have your money taken away and your character will get black teeth or something to that effect. I highly doubt they would do anything that would change the experience negatively for the player who cheated though, but you never know.

The moral of the story is simple, just don’t cheat.

source: Eurogamer

Last Updated: September 18, 2008

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