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Fable 2 sells 1 Million Copies in it's first week

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If my name was Peter Molyneux, I would be feeling pretty relaxed right now. Well, wouldn’t you? There is an unspoken rule about videogaming that if your game sells a million copies, it can truly be considered successful.

Fable 2 has proven itself more than worthy by crossing the one million mark in the first week of it’s release. While some people get grumpy when I refer to VGchartz.com, their report for worldwide sales of the week ending on October 24th shows Fable 2 as the number seller with a total of 1,000,901 sales.

I thought that Fable 2 was going to be very popular but I really didn’t expect it to take off so incredibly well. Out of my personal experience I realised that I thought that most of the buyers were going to be the fans of Fable 2, completely forgetting that a lot of newer and more “casual” gamers might be interested by its approachability, which seems to also be the case.

It’s a pretty incredible start to Fable 2’s sales, who knows how many will have sold by the end of the Christmas season.

source: VG Chartz

Last Updated: November 6, 2008

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