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Fall Guys mid-season update adds only fans… sorry, I meant BIG fans

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You may have stopped playing Fall Guys but that hasn’t stopped developer Mediatonic from dishing out all the content updates. Just over a month since the game’s medieval second season launched, we’ve been blessed with a mid-season update. This one is named the BIG FAN YEET LITTLE update and it’s the most Fall Guys name imaginable going off the game’s excellent Twitter account. So what can players expect from this mid-season content drop? Quite a lot it turns out, including a rather fetching goose outfit.

BIG FAN YEET LITTLE has brought with it various improvements to the games and tweaks, round variations and, of course, the Big Fans stage. Some classic rounds as well as Season 2 additions have been updated with more medieval aesthetic which means you’ll be seeing more scythes and spikes on all the rollers. There’s also more fruit for some reason and a new rotating pole for Perfect Match if that’s something that blows your hair back.


The biggest addition, in a literal sense of course, is the Big Fans stage which plays exactly as the title suggests it would. “Take the teetering tension of See Saw, but fill it with rapidly rotating blades and an unhealthy amount of opportunities for dive jumps. This sky-high race leaves little room for manoeuvre, with our scientists declaring an officially unsafe bean per blade ratio, meaning careful jostling is strongly advised,” reads the blog post put out by Mediatonic.

So while the hype of Fall Guys has steadily dropped off after the fever pitch it reached a few months back, it’s still nice knowing that if you had to dip back in for some light-hearted competitive fun there’s more than enough content to keep you going for the next crown.

Last Updated: November 11, 2020

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