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Fallout 3 Prank Call – I have a dream…

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A radio show called Coast to Coast AM with George Noory had been discussing the topic of dreams when someone called in and described some dreams that he had been having that may just sound awfully familiar to anyone who has played Fallout 3.

The guy calling in does a fantastic job of keeping a straight “radio face” as he describes his so-called dreams about blue jumpsuits, a vault and a wasteland.

The host of the show is obviously completely oblivious to the fact that it is all a big joke and refers to the scenario as “scary”, whilst asking the caller how far in the future the dreams took place.

Bravo to this guy for pulling it off so well and not doing something like shouting “lol noob, PWnZoRED!” at the end. Maybe there is still hope for gamers.

source: Pixelated Sausage

Last Updated: December 1, 2008

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