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Fancy a new spaceship sim? Everspace 2 arrives later this month

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Everspace 2 is looking at muscling in on the turf of games like Elite: Dangerous and No Man’s Sky, as the second entry in the franchise takes a leap away from the rogue-like mechanics of the first game. For those of you not in the know, Everspace 2 was a successfully crowdfunded sequel that sold itself as going in a completely new direction with the franchise, labeling itself as more a spacefaring, starship piloting looter-shooter in an vast open galaxy.

Sounds like a good time to me, I’ve been in the market for one of those very specific things. If the prospect is sounding good to you too, then come 18 January, you should be one happy space trucker.


Everspace 2 was originally meant to release in December of 2020 but developer Rockfish Games decided to push the game back a spell to Janurary of this year to avoid releasing alongside Cyberpunk 2077. Rockfish Games seemingly learned the valuable lesson of clarification from CD Projekt Red as it stated in a blog post:

“Of course, the game is far from being finished,” they say. “On top of the two star systems pilots will be able to explore in Early Access at launch, we plan to have four to six more as well as several additional player ship subclasses beyond the Interceptor, Sentinel, Striker, Gunship, and Scout at launch, to be gradually added on a quarterly basis. In the final game, players will also be able to enjoy twice as much story content plus lots of worthwhile endgame activities.”

In terms of actual content, Rockfish has confirmed that first 12 hours of the campaign are in the game as well as some side quests spread out across two star systems; the initial build of the game released into early access should offer around 25 hours of content. So not the full product but still enough to really sink one’s teeth into.

Last Updated: January 7, 2021

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