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Fans are convinced that Nintendo will reveal Pokémon Stars soon

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For the last two decades, the best Pokémon games have been the sole domain of Nintendo’s handheld division. That’s where the real meat of the franchise has grown, adding generations and new critters to the mix every so often on the likes of the Gameboy Colour, Nintendo DS and the 3DS. Last year’s Pokémon Sun and Moon represented the latest evolution of the franchise, a back to basics new chapter that tossed the traditional structure of Pokémon games away for a more story-heavy experience.

It is of course only playable on a Nintendo 3DS or one of its three million hardware spin-offs at the moment. Or is it? Because a port over to the newly released Nintendo Switch is starting to sound more likely than ever before. Here’s where the tinfoil hattery comes in. Over on the Nintendo American and Japanese YouTube channels, an old Pokemon-themed Nintendo Direct stream was removed.

Odd, but not crazy. That video however, was February’s 2016 reveal for Sun and Moon for the 20th anniversary celebrations of the franchise. According to Joe Merrick of fan site Serebii.net, Nintendo doing that bit of maintenance is usually reserved for when a message might be muddled. “[Nintendo still has] the X & Y one up,” he wrote on NeoGAF.

We never had an enhanced version of X & Y that could muddle the message. Typically they remove videos when things like that could happen.

The current prediction from fans, is that Nintendo is planning to announce the Sun and Moon port Pokémon Stars in their next Nintendo Direct. Nintendo has already confirmed that they’ll be hosting a new livestream on the day that E3 kicks off, with their presence at the event guaranteed as well. That stream is where Nintendo needs to keep the momentum of the Switch running, by offering fans a look at games to come.

This would also be a huge coup for the Switch, as main entry Pokémon games have never ever been released on the primary Nintendo home console. With the Switch blurring the line between Nintendo’s home and mobile division, the time might finally be right to give the franchise that large screen debut. Fans are gobbling all of this up, as Polygon pointed out:

It’s all speculation of course, and the KFC Dunked Wing sauce from the tinfoil hat I’m wearing could be seeping into my brain. Still, Pokémon on a big screen? That’s rather massive.

Last Updated: May 12, 2017


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