Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy hits PS Vita next month

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Fantasy Hero

When I think of Arc System Works, I think of games where the main goal is to punch, kick and slash your way to victory. After all, that’s the developer that cranked out games such as BlazBlue and Guilty Gear. For their next game however, you’ll still be punching, slashing and kicking anything in your way. You’ll also be pile-driving and smashing any obstacles in your path, as this particular game shifts to a new dimension.

Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy has you picking up the luchadore mask or appropriate weapon of a particular hero, riding off to save the day and all that jazz. Playing as one of four classes, players can choose a style that will allow them to slash, wrestle, shoot or giant-robot-fist-punch their way through danger, with equipment being enhanced and remodelled along the way to be even deadlier. Plus it looks rather cute:

There’s more to all of this of course, as the game has full four-player co-op and what appears to be a ton of DLC on the way that will allow you to explore new areas. It looks very much like a Japanese version of Diablo 3. And until Blizzard can port their hit game over to Vita, this will have to do then. It’s out early December in the US of A , and super early January for the rest of the world.

Last Updated: November 13, 2014

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