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Far Cry 2 Tech Demo: Not environment friendly

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The more and more I see footage of this game the more I am becoming excited to get my hands on it. This latest tech demo from Ubidays 2008 shows off a whole heap of tech features that the game is going to be utilising.

Dynamic weather, fire propagation and full 24 hour day/night cycle are just some of the features that we can look forward too. So as far as the tech is concerned, I am sold. The only question is, whether or not they are going to nail the gameplay and story. It won’t matter what amazing features the games has, because if the game itself sucks, there is no amount of technology that will save it from failing.

I really enjoyed the first Far Cry on PC, although I did hear that the console version was a bit of a letdown, it looks like they are doing a great job so far with this game. Let’s hope that we see some gameplay footage soon.

Last Updated: May 29, 2008

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