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Far Cry 2: New Video Interview

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Not only is Far Cry 2 looking really good, but gamers are going to be able to look forward to it regardless of whether they own a PC, PS3 or Xbox 360.

This video explains how the team actually went to Africa to do research for the games Central African setting to make sure that they could make sure that they got the feeling of the game right. To get the full experience, they stayed in the wilderness with a no-hotel policy, which led them to a terrifying experience of having lions in their camp on one occasion.

One of the staff goes on to explain how they took over 7GB of photos, hours of HD footage and that the trip that they made really paid off.

As an added note, the video was first shown on the French website JeuxVideo.fr, where you can go to see a better quality version of the video. Luckily, someone has already uploaded the video to YouTube and ensured our embedded video viewing pleasure.

To better understand the article, I ran the copy through my browser’s translater, which produced some really funny results which I have decided to post for humour’s sake:

“The drafting proposes of exclusiveness to you a very new video in blazing Far Cry 2. This 3 minutes video proposes a first impression of the possibilities of this new episode which is announced right now palpitating. Let us specify besides that these minis making-of are doubled in French.”

Watch this space for more Blazing, Palpitating Far Cry 2 news! Viva la Far Cry Deus.

source: JeuxVideo

Last Updated: May 8, 2008

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