Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon’s reveal trailer is bonkers

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Ubisoft’s tongue-in-cheek, 80’s throwback Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon hasn’t had much publicity from the publisher; most of its hype has been generated through leaked information, leaked videos and, well, wholly leaked copy of the game. As you’ve already seen, it’s completely mental;equal parts parody and homage to the clichés of the litany cookie-cutter 80’s action films. Here’s some official marketing, by way of a “reveal trailer.”

“I’m certainly a bit tired of shooters that take place in a modern setting and that have quite a lot of warfare,” Ubisoft’s Dean Evans told Eurogamer. “So it’s nice to be able to just fucking go off and do something else. Things don’t have to make much sense.

“Look at Platinum Games, the stuff that Kojima does. They get a lot of flak for the kind of stuff they do, but ultimately it’s that attitude – so fucking what? Let’s go! Was it ridiculous? Yes, awesome! Was it fun? Yes, brilliant! That’s the goal of games, to have as much fun as possible.”

And it certainly looks fun. The only ties to Far Cry 3 itself seem to be in the island setting. And the eponymous blood dragons? Giant cyborg reptiles that shoot frickin’ laser beams out of their frickin’ eyes.

It’s coming to digital download platforms on May 1 as a standalone title for those of you haven;t already stolen it off of the internet,  so you won’t need Far Cry 3 to play it. Oh, and you can pre-load the game on Steam if you’re planning on picking it up. It weighs in at around 3 gigs. 

Last Updated: April 11, 2013

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