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Far Cry 3’s going to look better on PC.

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Shock! Horror! and a round of applause as Captain Obvious exits the stage. The game’s lead designer Jamie Keen has said that while the PC version of Ubisoft’s upcoming Jungle island FPS adventure Far Cry 3 will quite obviously look the best, there’s no reason for console gamers to feel they’re getting a degraded experience.

"The PC does have a lot more grunt under the hood – or it can have grunt – so there’s a lot more that we can push there," said Keen. "That doesn’t mean to say, ‘Let’s only push PC and leave the consoles behind.’ We will keep pushing to get as much out of the consoles as we possibly can. When we do finally unveil what the console versions looks like, I think people are are going to be surprised. Yeah, there are going to be differences, but it might not be as much as people realise."

The demo’s and trailers you’ve seen of the game to date? Yup, from the PC version.

"That’s why we’re making no bones about this being on PC, and everything that goes along with that," said Keen. "There are going to be areas where the consoles aren’t going to be able to push things as much as the PC can. So, there is going to be a difference, but as much as we can minimise that gap, we’re certainly working as hard as we possibly can to do that."

“We’re very lucky, “ he concluded “in that we’re going on the same base that Far Cry 2 had, and now our tech base is very, very strong."

Source : Videogamer

Last Updated: July 19, 2011

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