Far Cry 4 experience yields a map

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Remember when I told you about the Far Cry 4 experience? It basically meant you could experience some of Far Cry 4 in your browser, and earn some free rewards for the game. One of those rewards is circling the internet as a “leak”, but it’s still mighty helpful.

Now that all four chapters have been released, it may be worthwhile for you to head on over to the Far Cry 4 experience, if you haven’t done so already. There, you can follow the vaguely choose-your-own-adventure style game in first person, just like the game. It’s graphic and edgy, and will probably get you all in the mood for the game. With a range of rewards, the one going around the interwebs is this:

FC4 map

The map looks rather large, and shows off all your prime hunting areas. With all major biomes marked, as well as the various animals, this environment looks rather large. It’s probably about the same size as Far Cry 3, but is showing a ton of variety.

NeoGAF is predicting that players will start in the Banapur area. With only one tower and outpost, it seems like a suitable tutorial level. If you work your way up the island as you progress in the story, it’s probably safe to assume that you’ll finish the game in the Royal Fortress or Palace. However, there are tons of things to explore along the way, and I’m keen to see how the various biomes meld together.

Have you completed the Far Cry 4 experience? What rewards did you grab?

Last Updated: November 11, 2014

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