Far Cry 4 video reveals new Pagan Min henchman

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Far cry 4 de pleur

There are three major biomes in Far Cry 4. That’s funny, Pagan Min has three henchmen (I’m not sure if henchwoman is a term, so she can be male for this discussion) – I think it’s safe to assume there’s one per area. The first one we see runs the Lowlands and looks like Min’s right hand man.

Each of the three major areas has unique environments and wild life. Here’s the first one, completely with its own mini-boss psychopath.

Paul de Pleur is the leader of the army, and filled with all kinds of crazy. Sounds like a French name, although with weird backgrounds of all the characters, who knows where he became this lunatic. All we know is that he likes to torture people, and makes Pagan Min happy with his leadership. Oh, and he’s behind the “tea” (read: drug) trade.

For a video that’s meant to show off the environment, I’m a bit worried that it spent so much time with the psychedelic view. But at least we get to see more vehicles and animals. I like the idea of throwing meat at enemies to make animals attack for me. Anytime I can get other creatures to do the hard work of killing things, I go for it.

Are you liking what you’re seeing of Far Cry 4? I’m glad to hear that there is a ton to do in the game, and I like the way that they’ve introduced co-op. The game looks like it will be a ton of fun, and I’m sure for fans it’s an insta-buy – with crazy antagonists, the Far Cry franchise is just far too much fun. Are you going to buy it for the villains, or are the honey badgers enough of a selling point?

Last Updated: October 13, 2014

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