Far Cry 4’s multiplayer has teleporting ninjas

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Far Cry 3’s multiplayer was a complete throw away. It was just there, like a slapped on component with no real unique ideas or adaption of the single-player material. Far Cry 4, on the other hand, is looking very different. That’s mostly because of the mystical mountain ninjas, though.

In Far Cry 4’s multiplayer, Battles of Kyrat, both teams will play as both the Golden Path and Rakshasa. The Golden Path are kitted out with all the weapons and tech you could dream of, making them more closely resemble what you’ll probably become in the single-player. They were also rebel fighters back when Pagin Min first decided to have his rave in Kyrat, inviting the Rakshasa as his party.

The Rakshasa are apparently ancient Kyrat warriors that Pagin Min used to take a hold of the mountainous area. Unlike the Golden Path, they’re old school. They use an assortment of bows and arrows, while being able to control wildlife and summon tigers at will (oh hell yeah!). But they also seem to be knee-deep in some ancient magic as well, allowing you to blink around the battlefield in colorful puffs of smoke.

Both teams will have access to both factions over the game’s three modes, which aren’t as exciting. Outpost have you trying to attack and defend outposts, while Propaganda has the Golden Path attempting to destroy the man in the pink suit’s propaganda speakers. Lastly, Demon Mask is just another variation of classic Capture the Flag, with all three matches taking place over 10 maps.

Not the most exciting game modes, but I’m really interested by the Rakshasa. Having a more stealthy faction go up against an armed to the teeth one seems like a promising asymmetrical setup. I also really want to see what it’s like being a mountain ninja, don’t you?

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Last Updated: October 31, 2014

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