Fast and the Furious Cast Discuss Their Favorite Videogames

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Something just isn’t right here.

Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster tell IGN about their favorite videogames, but it just seems a little strange to be honest. (Vin van Riddick isn’t in the interview, we can only assume because he would only talk about Wheelman and Riddick)

Paul Walker talks about how he is a big fan of racing games, and I believe him, but then goes on to say that he is really into first person shooters, where everything seems to go a little downhill. When asked what’s the most recent FPS he has played, he can’t remember because it’s been quite a while, and then in an odd move, says Assassin’s Creed as the last game that he mowed through. Although I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt here and say that he didn’t think that it was a first person shooter, but was just referring to the last game that he played.

Things start getting really strange when Michelle Rodriguez starts ranting off about Assassins Creed and how amazing it is as well…

She also goes on a bit about Ubisoft, and then speaks of them as the George Lucas of videogames.

To be honest, the only person I really appreciated (and not for the reasons that you are thinking) is Jordana Brewster. She makes it pretty clear that she doesn’t really know much about videogames, but she has some good memories of playing Mario as a child.

As for the other two, I just don’t know. It’s actually creepily odd to see movie stars pretending to be gamers, so that they will look cool.

My, my how the world has changed.

Last Updated: April 7, 2009

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