Female Dota 2 team banned for being too skilled

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So you’ve got a completely kitted all-girl Dota 2 team, and you have hopes of winning the big tournament that is exclusive to the gender. You know your players are good, but how good? Good enough to be seen as a “male” gamer? Careful now, apparently there’s a noticeable skill difference which could cause trouble. Don’t believe me? An admin recently banned an entire team from an all-female tournament because one of their players was too skilled to be female.

What is this, 1492? For starters, I really don’t know why there is an exclusively female contest in the first place. Males are biologically stronger, which is why there are gender specific events in athletics for example. Dota 2 on the other hand is more about team play, general decision making, and good communication. I guarantee you that my male hands and fingers don’t give me any kind of advantage, at least not that I know of.

The administrator of this particular tournament (Girls Wars SEA) must have had some super powers to tell the difference though (via Player Attack)

An administrator, claiming to know the difference between “girl and boy game style”, has commented on the team’s midlaner, stating that a girl “can’t play like that”. It’s not clear if event organisers are accusing team Dolls of bringing a boy onto the team, or if the girl in question is simply too good.

While I would MAYBE give the administrator the benefit of the doubt (perhaps he really is some professional when it comes to telling the difference between male and female gaming styles, which may be plausible), the following image eliminates any hope I had for him. The captain of the banned team, Team Dolls, posted the screenshot to her Facebook (apologies for the poor quality):


It’s just complete ignorance from the admin. He claims that girls simply “can’t play like that”. There was no real conclusive proof, or an investigation for that matter. The captain goes on to express her disgust at the whole saga:

So you’re hosting tournaments for girls to show what they’re capable of, but you disqualify them when they’ve exceeded your expectations and encroach into what you think is the exclusively male territory of skill?

So what are girls joining this tournament for? To perform as poorly as possible to reinforce the stereotype that all girls suck at gaming, so YOU can feel safe in your already male-dominated community?

The organisers of the tournament have recently given comment as to why Team Dolls were banned. It’s rather lengthy, but here’s a portion of it:

Going into the matter, Dolls Team was disqualified because we suspected that they used a male player, or the so called “pilot”, during their match against Team DDR. Here are the reasons regarding the decision for disqualification:

  • While monitoring the game, we carefully observe for the consistency of gameplay of the player by also checking her other gamelogs. We saw that there was a tremendous change on how the hero was played during early compared to mid game. This though was not enough reason for us to disqualify the team. ( http://prntscr.com/4tsz8j)
  • The team already violated a rule even before the tournament has started – Under III. Registration-Check In: Check IN via – Skype or raidcall.Their team wasn’t able to present any Skype accounts, especially the captain. They rather insisted on using in-game voice chat. As much as we wanted to go by the rules, and consider the team’s effort to be present on the tournament, we did allow them to participate. But we noted their violation and carefully observed their team.
  • Other than added justification that the team may be using a male player by violating Check-in rules, as the match proceeded, we carefully investigated that specific account. We then confirmed with the captain that there are quite a lot of cases where the girl actually had her boyfriend play on her account ( http://prntscr.com/4tsyzi) .

With all these , only then we have decided to finally disqualify the team without the single thought of offending any other female players, or as they say “SEXIST”.

Team Dolls are wrong for not following the official rules of the tournament no doubt. I still feel that the dismissal was unfair, especially if, as the captain claims, the offending teamie lets her boyfriend use her account. Personally, I would never share my account with anybody (yes, not even my imaginary girlfriend).

There could have definitely been a much more involved investigation before dismissing the team entirely. I just think the whole thing was blown out of proportion because the admin simply stated that the player was too good to be a girl, raising sexist sirens everywhere.

What is your opinion on this whole debacle? Is the skill gap between male and female gamers really that noticeable? I just don’t get it.

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Last Updated: October 7, 2014

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