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FFD: Are you at all excited for the next generation?

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It’s starting to look like the next generation of consoles already won’t be able to keep up to up to PC’s when it comes to graphics. Even then, looking at them, do they really look “next gen?”

Is it a sufficient, noticeable step up in fidelity? does it get you excited? Having had hands on, and eyeball on experience with I have to say  that “next-gen“ games look better than videos on the internet would have you believe – but eye-candy isn’t even what has me excited.

I genuinely believe that even though PC games on beastly machines already look like next gen games, the real change will come with the use of newer, next-generation engines – and that’s when we’ll start seeing the real, meaningful changes; changes to AI and enemy behaviour, changes to physics and other things that’ll make games feel more real instead of just looking more real.

So yes; I am excited for the next gen. Are you? Have you seen or read anything that’s got you itching to get a new console, or upgrade your PC?

Last Updated: August 30, 2013

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