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FFD: Why You Heff to be Mad?

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Gamers are a passionate bunch. we love our hobby, love the way games make us feel. Whether we just want to come home after a tough day at work and kill hordes of enemies to blow off steam, or spend the weekend joyfully exploring a unique world filled with cool stories and characters, we all enjoy our time spent in game. Some of us also enjoy talking about and sharing our fun or interesting gaming experiences. Of course, we also like commiserating about problems, ranting about micro transactions and other perceived issues in the industry. But some people take it too far.

After No Man’s Sky was delayed, the studio and even the journalists announcing it received death threats. Death threats! Beyond the lack of logic (I’ll kill you for delaying the game, thereby permanently delaying the game) I have to wonder what gets gamers to this point. Sure, I get it, they’re passionate and disappointed, but threatening someone’s life? How can you make that kind of leap?

While our own journalists have never been threatened, we have been called all manner of awful names when we cover news that people don’t like or agree with. We like to laugh about it amongst ourselves, and my favorite is still when Geoff was called a Mayohead, but it’s still something of a dark side to this hobby that we all love.

So, why are gamers like this? Do you think it’s just an issue of passion run amok? Or perhaps the anonymity of the internet unleashes the worst in people? Or maybe gamers are just more willing to show their darker sides? Does this happen in other industries and we’re just less aware of it, or are gamers unique in their ability to get so upset?


Last Updated: June 3, 2016

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